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Confirmed, Nokia 2.2 does have Dual-VoLTE support


In markets like India where users mostly use unlocked smartphones after paying full price, features like Dual-VoLTE support are a big deal. Dual-VoLTE support enables two 4G networks to be accessed simultaneously on the Dual-SIM smartphones.

Recently Nokia 2.2 was launched by HMD with a special focus on India, as India was part of the global launch for the smartphone. HMD even got the introductory pricing right as one can gauge by online reactions.

But we got several questions about Nokia 2.2, most of which we answered in our FAQ for Nokia 2.2, but we were not sure about the Dual-VoLTE support as HMD hasn’t mentioned about the feature in official specs. But, now we can confirm that Nokia 2.2 does support Dual-VoLTE.

We were able to use two Airtel 4G SIM cards and access 4G network on both simultaneously as can be seen in the above screenshots.

Coming to the other two recently launched smartphones Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 4.2, while both don’t support Dual-VoLTE for now, it can be enabled by a software update in future, we hear from our sources. We have reached to HMD to understand the situation about Nokia 3.2 and 4.2 and will update once we get the official information.

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