It looks like the feature phones are here to stay. Even those which support only the 2G band like the recently reviewed Nokia 130 2023. Contrary to what I initially thought, it seems that the 2G band is still available in most countries, including developed ones like Singapore and UK.

I am really impressed with the design and built quality of Nokia 130 2023. Who knew feature phones can also feel elegant and premium in this era.

So, with that said, let’s have a look at the Nokia 150 2023, the sleek counterpart to the ultra loud Nokia 130 2023.

The Nokia 150 2023

Let’s get this right upfront, the Nokia 150 2023 runs on S30+ platform and share quite similar core features with the Nokia 130 2023. What differs here are its aesthetic appeal. While the Nokia 130 2023 comes with bold colours, the Nokia 150 2023 settles for a more soothing soft colour options. Similar to the Nokia 130 2023, the Nokia 150 2023 is also made of tough polycarbonate body that has the same treatment as the venerable Nokia N9. That means, the colour is infused through and through the polycarbonate body, so scuffs and scratches will still yield the same colour coat underneath. The 1P52 rating means this device will withstand the occasional rain drops and some dusts.

My unit here supports a dual sim and do take note that this is the standard SIM size so a SIM adapter is needed if you have a micro or a nano sim. It also supports micro SD card up to 32 GB , so you can save tons of images and mp3 files.

The large 1450mAh battery promises 20 hours of talk time and a month of standby time and can be charged via a micro usb charger. It supports wireless FM radio playback and a 3.5mm head jack that allows better reception and a more private listening experience.

What sets the Nokia 130 2023 and Nokia 150 2023 a part is the inclusion of a 0.3MP camera on the latter and the extra large and loud speaker in the former.

You can catch my full review and unboxing experience here:

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