“Feature phones? Who needs them…”

You might have heard this phrase way too often, and I used to ask the same.

Growing up essentially from a 2G device, to witness 3G and the evolution to 4G and currently in a 5G era, I realize that a world without borders ,has its own pros and cons.

Many would agree, if you could just spend less time on a phone and focus on what is right in front of you, things would be much different. While the notion of feature phone is reserved for elderly, or ” developing markets”, it is high time that we too embrace a little of less technology and a bit more of personal touch to things that matters, as Connecting People is what Nokia stands for.

Nokia 130 2023

The new and improved version of Nokia 130 is here, bolder than before. To make a statement , to be seen, to be heard.

Which ever colour you decide to choose, either dark blue, light gold or even purple, you get to experience the vibrancy and the attention to details that has become a standard with recent offerings from HMD Global for their feature phone segment.

While the 2.4in QVGA display might look tiny, the speaker grills over the rear is big enough to get your attention. The speaker now surrounds a tiny island that houses a LED flash. The polycarbonate body enhanced with laser tooling texture gives you improved tactile feedback and feels luxurious.

The 1450mAh battery promises up to 20hr of talk time and standby time up to a month. The memory can be expanded to support a 32GB micro sd card, and you can enjoy tons of music via your headphone, thanks to the 3.5mm head jack. An IP52 rating means the Nokia 130 2023 would survive water sprays and even dust ingress, to a limited extent.

You can catch my full unboxing and review here:

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