Nokia 1 is the first Nokia smartphone that runs Android Oreo 8.1 Go edition OS. It is the the ultimate budget Nokia smartphone replacing Nokia 2 because of its standing in the portfolio. Here we are with the the real-life performance of the Nokia 1 in our performance testing video.

Nokia 1, being the entry-level Nokia smartphone, we have conducted this test in normal daily usage to moderately heavy usage scenario. This means one may be browsing, playing games and multitasking with many game and apps open in the background.

Nokia 1 is powered by MT6737M Quad Core 1.1GHz processor and mates it with just 1 GB RAM. So, how does Nokia 1 actually perform under normal daily usage condition and under heavier load? You can decide for yourself by checking the video.

UI Navigation:

The UI navigation on Nokia 1 is crisp and responsive all around. What impresses is the uniformity or homogeneity of responsiveness. This is hallmark of a polished OS.


When it comes to gaming Nokia 1 has a number for tailored games available in Play Store that just work fine. We have tried to demo the game-play with games like Subway surfer and Transformers. But Nokia 1 is certainly not the best smartphone if gaming is what you want to do on your smartphone. It doesn’t disappoint you however if you are more in casual/occasional gaming.


With many browser tabs open it always seems that Nokia 1 can handle it easily. Pages load quickly and zooming, panning, tab changing all are impressive.


With 2 games, Subway surfer, & transformers, 2-3 browser tabs and many other apps open in the background it handled everything without any apps/games crashing or exiting. As you will notice in the video, apps/games resume fine from background during multitasking when we had just one game open. With increasing the load by launching one more game the apps start reloading rather than resuming from the background.

The general performance of Nokia 1 however still remains crisp even when there are many apps/games open in the background.