image002While we have a feeling that Lumia 630 / Lumia 635, 5.2 inch flagship RM-964, 8.2 inch Tablet RX-115 and Nokia Normandy may be unveiled at MWC 2014, a tip received by us claims that there will be no new Lumia announcement at MWC.

This leaves us with only Nokia Normandy unveil at MWC, which is not such a big announcement, for which Nokia should have a separate press conference. But, one thing which goes in support of this tip is the fact that Windows Phone 8.1 will not even get RTMed till that time. But, can that stop Nokia from announcing new Lumias? I am not too sure as we have been tipped about Lumias without Nokia branding coming to MWC. Though that again depends whether Nokia-Microsoft deal is closed before MWC.

What do you think?