Bytes: Hilarious Lumia 1020 ad from Nokia France. 6 Disney titles are now free in WP store.

Two quick bytes!! As you can see in the above screenshot, 6 Disney Titles have gone free in WP store. Great offer, rush and grab!! Disney apps link Nokia France has posted shockingly hilarious video ad for Lumia 1020 titled "Shoot first, zoom later". A must...

Lumia 1520 goes at Mach 0.6 & 13,000 feet in a Jet trainer. Impresses enough the reviewer to yell “Go Nokia”.

This is one exciting video to watch. [email protected] took Lumia 1520 along with them in a Jet trainer and put its OIS to test. So, how does Lumia 1520 perform when Jet is going at Mach 0.6 and is at 13,000 feet up from...

PhoneArena & Inquirer rate Lumia 1520 9 / 10. Review and unboxing videos.

More and more reviews of Lumia 1520 are pouring in. Most of them are positive and we covered some of them here. Time for two more, PhoneArena: It has rated Lumia 1520, a 9 out of 10 and has posted quite a detailed review covering nearly...

Weekend Watch: Lumia 1520 outdoor, indoor & night sample videos & preview with a pre-production unit.

In weekend watch, we are bringing three sample videos captured with a pre-production unit of Lumia 1520 along with a long preview video all of them posted by PhoneArena. The final software may be tweaked in production units and the results may be a...

Excellent Low-light & action capture shootouts by Phones4U: Lumia 1020 vs Xperia Z1 vs HTC One vs SGS4.

UK's major retailer Phones4U has posted two videos on their YouTube channel. Their team has done smartphone camera comparison between contenders Lumia 1020 vs Xperia Z1 vs HTC One vs SGS4. The shootout has been conducted in low-light conditions and in tricky action capture...

Weekend Watch: AT&T promotes #Lumia1520 in its mobile minute. #Lumia1020 rides on a copter to shoot Poland.

In weekend watch we bring to you, AT&T's mobile minute introducing Lumia 1520 in its full glory and it looks really awesome in pretty lady's hand :). Other three videos in weekend watch are from Nokia Poland and shot with Lumia 1020 riding on a...

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