Arrival Control is the first app based on HERE Maps SDK for iOS & Android.

  HERE has released its mobile SDK for business targeting iOS and Android devices some days ago and¬†Deutsche Telekom has already created an app called "Arrival Control" based on this SDK. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Check the download links...

Yahoo now using indoor maps data from Nokia’s HERE Maps.

Yahoo has been using Nokia's HERE Maps data for its mapping services. Seems, they have now absorbed indoor maps data as well from HERE. Yahoo has now integrated full venue maps for places like shopping malls, travel interchanges and sports stadiums. You can check enhanced...

HERE brings navigation to Samsung Galaxy Gear. 16 million Nokia X can ship in 2014.

If you have followed our coverage carefully, then you may be able to see telltale signs of how the new Nokia will open up and will target all smartphone platforms with its devices and services like HERE maps. So, from providing maps to Tizen,...

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