Graphene Flagship Consortium, a collection of industry and academic partners  including Nokia  has been chosen by the European Union for the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) program. It is a major project for researching “Graphene, the wonder material” with an investment of 1 billion euros that will be spread over the next 10 years. Nokia is the leader of this research and leading this project too.

Measuring only one atom thick, graphene is classed as a 2D structure with super-useful properties. While thin, it’s also the strongest material ever tested, having a breaking strength 300 times greater than steel. Oh, and it’s also the lightest and best intrinsic conductor, too.

The Graphene Flagship Consortium currently consists of 74 partners from the EU, from many different sectors. Nokia is flying the flag for the electronics corner, as well as the mobile one, with realistic dreams of improving the industry.

What interests me here is that Nokia has some very practical plans of using Graphene in thinner “PureView” sensor and this is confirmed by some of Nokia’s recent patent filings. Will come to that later :).

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We missed on this !! Nokia’s location business is again scoring big-ticket wins. Now, Toyota has signed up to use Here Maps in their next generation Touch&Go navigation and infotainment systems. They will integrate Here Maps search with high-quality industry mapping information and community-generated content fed directly into their cars from early 2014 in Europe, Russia and the Middle East., Europe’s largest German language weather portal with 13 million unique visitors, is using Here Maps API for integration into its expanding European web and mobile weather mapping services.

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