As you know a guy named Jamie Ramsay started his innovation of running all the way from Canada to Argentina to raise money for three charity purposes. He gained a lot of attention from world wide since months. He was using Microsoft’s latest flagship model Lumia 950 XL  as a partner through out the journey. The new goodies of Windows 10 Mobile on Lumia 950 XL helped him a lot to achieve his goal.

Now Microsoft has published a new official video which shows the final part of his innovation, Let’s see…


Video description

In the final part of our Jamie Ramsay series, Jamie arrives in town and interacts with as many people as possible to motivate and prepare him for each day of his adventure. Using his Lumia 950 XL he navigates the local area with the assistance of Cortana, whilst Continuum helps him to share and document his travels by turning local screens into a PC-like experience.

Read more about his innovation. 

So what do you think about this ? Are you ready to do great things with Microsoft ?