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New Nokia Tablet & smartphone variants appear in Russian certification


It seems that Nokia Mobile is planning to launch a new Nokia Tablet and many new feature phones and smartphones soon. Nokia Tablet variants TA-1472, TA-1457 and Nokia phones/smartphones variants Nokia TA-1450, TA-1479, TA-1477, and TA-1469 have appeared in the Russian certification.

Recent leaks of Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 have confirmed their imminent launch soon. These two smartphones may have TA-1418, TA-1404, TA-1412, TA-1415, TA-1405 and TA-1401 variants already seen in FCC certification.

As one can notice in the screenshots below, the certification reveals the variant names for the new Nokia Tablet. No more information can be derived from other certifications. These may belong to a Nokia feature phone or smartphone.

Nokia Mobile has earlier hinted at bringing more Tablets after Nokia T20 has seen strong traction in many markets including India. So, probably this new Tablet will also make its way to India market.

While many are waiting for a flagship Nokia smartphone, Nokia Mobile has focused more on mid-range and low-end of the smartphone market. So, the million dollar question is whether Nokia Mobile will finally provide a flagship after Nokia 9 PureView.

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