A new Nokia smartphone variant TA-1139 has passed certification in Russia along with feature phone TA-1114 that we earlier saw in a Chinese ministry certification.

As one can notice in the screenshot above both the devices were listed on October 23 in the Russian certification authority database.

While it can’t be said for sure which device we are looking at but it may either be global variant of the Nokia X7 or the Nokia 9 or may be a third smartphone. Four new smartphones TA-1131(Nokia X7), TA-1117(Nokia 3.1 Plus), TA-1132 and TA-1146 were recently seen in the Chinese ministry database.

Nokia 7.1 has been seen on Bluetooth certification with TA-1100, TA-1095, TA-1085, TA-1096 and TA-1097 variants. So, the smartphone variants TA-1132, TA-1116 and TA-1139 don’t belong to Nokia 7.1 as well. So, we still have at least two new Nokia smartphones to be launched in China and elsewhere. You can read our Nokia X7 and Nokia 9 coverage by clicking here.