Hmmm!! It may look similar to 801T design, an old China specific symbian anna device, but there are some differences in length and back cover design. Also timing of filing and update to database may still hint about Nokia’s intention of using this design in a future device. Also remember when we reported about Lumia 822/Atlas design patent everyone took it for Lumia 610, but finally it came true as Lumia 822 design.

Nokia’s latest granted design patent (11 Dec) reveals something very interesting. A device design which we have seen earlier but without camera design and at that time also it was clear that it may be a high-end design with removable cover for MicroSD card support. Now the camera design with a small hump gives it a huge potential. Yup, possibly we are looking at a 20-21 MP pureview sensor camera attached to a upcoming Lumia device. The removal small cover which hints about MicroSD card support also makes sense, as storage extension is vital for such huge resolution camera phone (808 PureView). But still the overall design looks really sleek and other than the small removable cover is solid unibody. The design also hints about a curved glass display.

So, be ready to welcome next Nokia PureView flagship which may take care of all complaints of small sensor size and no MicroSD card support of Lumia 920.