So, we reported a rumor about the mega-pixel capabilities of individual cameras of the Nokia 9 PureView Penta-Lens camera setup. As per this rumor two of the Nokia 9 PureView cameras have 12 MP imaging size, two have 16 MP while the fifth one maxes at 8MP.

But, now another rumor contradicts this rumor that had originated in China. As per the new rumor posted by Twitter account Nokia_Anew, all five cameras will be similar in terms of resolution. The account also claims that there will be no 3D depth sensor in the camera of Nokia 9.

While these two contradicting rumors have caused more confusion than clarifying things, we earlier saw a leaked Nokia 9 PureView promo video that reveals some interesting bits about its Penta-Lens camera. The promo highlights camera features like “10X more light capture”, “5 simultaneous shots”, Stunning HDR photography, Refocus and more.

We also urge you to read how Light describes its technology that enable simultaneous images from its multiple cameras and merges them in one big image and then uses its “computational photography” prowess for effects highlighted in the leaked Nokia 9 promo.

Nokia 9 PureView details:

The leaked promo video for Nokia 9 PureView highlights the Penta-Lens camera features like five simultaneous shots, 10 times more light capture, incredible amount of details, Refocus in Google Photos and more. It also confirms 5.99-inch, 2K resolution display with HDR10 support, in-display fingerprint sensor, Snapdragon 845 and 6GB RAM/128GB ROM.

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