Lumia-Cyan-update_featIt may be complimentary to what we already know, but it comes from trusted sources, so wanted to share!!

While many of us wait for Lumia 930 release in India, the device as per our info (and contrary to speculations) has still not been shelved and may still appear at end of July to August time-frame. Note, I just mentioned “still not shelved”. What NPU has come to know is,

A new Lumia lineup will be revealed during “August-September” time-frame and this holds true for India and of-course other markets too. This lineup certainly has a High-end device, a mid-ranger and a low-end device as well. It may so happen that Nokia India may plan to go ahead with the new lineup reveal giving Lumia 930 a cold shoulder, but that hasn’t been decided yet.

We don’t have much detail to share about the high-end device yet, but it may be the rumored Lumia 1525 global version.

Mid-ranger may be the Lumia 720 successor with 5-inch, 720p display, which is leaked with variant codes RM-983, RM-984 and RM-985

Low-end Lumia may be the Lumia 530, which is supposed to be released during end of July to early August time-frame elsewhere.