rm-1013 RM-1030Exim site Zauba keeps on revealing new handsets, which go under testing in India. We have reported RM-980, RM-964, RX-115, RM-977, RM-976, RM-978, RM-974, RM-990 from this site already. We now know RM-980 as Nokia’s first Android phone Nokia Normandy and RM-976, RM-977, RM-978 as first dual-sim Lumia, Lumia 630 / Lumia 635.

Zauba records have now revealed one more interesting device, which has arrived for the first time in India for testing and it is perhaps the first Nokia device with RM code reaching to four digits. It has product code RM-1013 and the per unit value is mentioned as INR 6282, which simply makes it as cheapest Lumia ever. Not much is revealed from the listing, but we will keep you updated.

Another interesting device is with code RM-1030 and this may be the cheapest Nokia touch phone ever. We reported touch phone RM-990 which is priced very low, but this RM-1030 is priced even lower than that.