Google has announced an updated Google Account experience which gives users more control of their data and more transparency. You can now more easily navigate your account with more prominent security and privacy option. Besides that The company is also introducing a search functionality that enables you to find settings and other info.

Google Account will also give you a glance of relevant information of the user like personal info, devices, payment methods purchases, subscription, reservations, and contacts. The improved Google Account will also make easier to review and control user data which means that you can know what kind of data Google exactly collects from you. This flexibility already is there in Windows 10 in which Microsoft let the user know what it collects from them.

Google will also guide you to protect you so that your security doesn’t ever get compromised. The new Google Account will show you prominent notices when something suspicious happens. Although this is not a new feature we already have got used to it but with the improved Google Account, the company will suggest you to remove your account from old devices that you no longer use or remove unverified apps you had granted access to your account data. The new experience is already available on Android and will be made available on iOS and the web later this year.

With the introduction of GDPR all the tech companies especially those who earn revenue by selling user data, are now updating their privacy settings and letting users know what it does with the data or why they collect them etc, etc. Facebook, Microsoft, and Google all have done quite well with privacy settings and letting the users know what kind of data it collects from them.