For the hardcore N9-Meego fans it might sound like blasphemous to think of  Android on N9. But there are modders out there who are trying to use versatility that comes with Maemo/Meego lineage to run Android Ice cream Sandwich (Ics). Yup friends, we are talking about dual booting on N9.

Although we have heard about many such experiments on powerhouse of a phone N-900, but this a first for N9. So you can see how the experiment is fairing in the below video.


Read more here in the Meego Forum posting,

Hi there, I’m working on porting Android to Nokia N9. While porting one of the tasks that was solved is booting into alternative operating system on handset. I modified /sbin/preinit to allow me to choose what I want to boot. It’s done by means of small helper program evkey [1]. So if I press VolUp button in 2 seconds (after message displayed via text2screen from preinit), alternative boot sequence initiated. After timeout (or if I pressed another key) preinit script calls chroot/pivot_root and, finally, /sbin/init script that boot alternative OS.
Just to share info for devs, I’m attaching my preinit script [2]. Don’t expect much – it’s just to give you clue/idea about bootloader.
[1] https://gitorious.org/android-n900/m…/evkey/evkey.c [2] downloads.nitdroid.com/e-yes/experimental/preinit