A language translator based on Google Translate API.It supports 63 languages.Has got voice output for translated text. Translates text when target language is changed.You can also Copy translated text to other applications.

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TaxiPal is the award-winning free and easy taxi-cab ordering service with the widest coverage: EU, US and Canada  – more than 2500 cities in total. A must have for any traveller!

TaxiPal coverage includes Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, P  Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA.

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Incredible  Circus:

Blast through cannons on 32 levels as a bodysuited daredevil. Use elastic bands and trampolines to jump above obstacles or through fire rings, remembering to avoid falling and cracking your helmet. Be on the lookout for fire breathers as you bounce walls on multiple combos in the pursuit of cheers and trophies. The fun goes on as more and more circuses open their doors for this incredible stuntman.

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MeeGo BitTorrent client for Nokia N9. Download *.torrent files from various BitTorrent websites locally on your phone then use MeeTor to open & download the content of the torrent files. Supports single and multiple files torrents and downloading of more torrents at the same time. You can also set download & upload limits and most importantly limiting the transfer to use only WiFi connections.

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Default Browser Setting mod/hack:

A Control panel applet which allows you to choose the default web browser. Useful if you have other web browsers installed (e.g. Firefox) and you want to use one of them by default, e.g. when clicking a link in an email message.

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N9 FM radio hack/Mod:

Thp and javispedro from the Meego forums released a FM Radio application for the Nokia N9.

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Download the “Unsupported Binary” from the link above. It is perhaps easiest to first download it onto your computer, then place it straight into the main directory of your phone. Using the File Explorer app (or similar), navigate to /home/user/MyDocs. Tap the installation file, and opt to install the software.Reboot your phone.Open  the FM radio app on your Nokia N9. Plug in a set of earphones, these will work as your antenna. Tap the word “off”, its a fancy on / off button. Scroll the numbers to get to your desired station.


Bambuser is an application/service that enables the user to stream live video from your mobile phone using 3G or WiFi. Bambuser, the simplest way to share your experiences and interact with your viewers in real-time.Only app which makes use of your secondary camera.

N9 update PR 1.2:

Internet is abuzz with news of N9 PR1.2 update screenshots posted by a lucky fellow ,who got a N9 with PR1.2 already on it.The screenshots come from “tamerbatar” from TMO.Check the thread below,

Probable Changelog:

  • Video calls are coming
  • The Nokia thing folders will be there
  • Browser copypaste with Brackets
  • New camera features

We will keep the articles on N9 apps,hacks,updates coming.Comments are welcome 🙂