Now, we all know Apple’s prowess in RDF aka Reality distortion field. This is most innovative tool Apple has been using to brainwash their fan and customer base since the time of late Steve Jobs.

In a recent press event Apple CEO Tim Cook lied /RDFed in front of hundreds of tech bloggers and journalists from around the world that iPhone 5 has the “world’s most advanced display”. But, now we know a bit about Lumia 920’s amazing Puremotion HD+ display, which has more PPI than iPhone 5, operates at 60 Hz + refresh rate and packs Nokia’s CBD tech for amazing outdoor display.

So, someone like us, who couldn’t digest Apple’s latest RDF, has put forth an excellent analysis comparing the two displays in almost all technical areas of display tech. Read it once and you will come to know how significantly Lumia 920’s display is better than IPhone 5’s display. Ok, before going through the whole comparison, have a look at the final figures.

Obviously, you want to read the full shootout, so click the link.