So, while we told you via our sources that Microsoft is serious about bringing Multi-windows / Split-screen feature with Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2, one can’t be sure unless the feature makes it way to Insiders sometime this year after the release of Anniversary update. But given Microsoft is planning to promote “Surface Phone” as the ultimate productivity device and also we hear that Surface Phone (one variant) may have a 5.5-inch display, it becomes more important to bring this feature. It will help users immensely in getting benefit of the display real-estate and multitask two apps side by side.

Google’s implementation of multi-windows feature in Android N is quite interesting and works very well (check the hands-on demo video below). While Windows 10 has very capable split-screen / multi-windows multitasking itself, the Windows 10 Mobile lacks it and we can tell you that this feature has been under consideration since the time Windows 10 Mobile got life. Google has brought many new features in Android N, that already existed on Windows 10 Mobile, but this is one Android N feature Microsoft should bring to Windows 10 Mobile.