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MS executives are letting the world know about the progress of Windows Phone and how it is now solidly no. 3 OS in the world.

During the WPC 2013, COO Kevin Turner has disclosed that Windows Phone is growing six times faster than other platforms, which may confirm that Nokia’s expectations of  more than 27% Lumia growth was more than valid. He also let the world know that WP is outselling iPhone in 10 big markets and the news that Russia’s largest operator MTS has stopped selling iPhone due to low margin and are supporting windows phone sales in the country.

According to a report from Bloomberg,

MTS stopped selling Apple’s latest iPhones in its shops at the end of 2012 and has hosted  Steve Ballmer and  Stephen Elop in Moscow in November. They agreed to promote Microsoft Windows handsets including Nokia Lumias and opened Windows Phone zones in its flagship stores. Now, Windows Phone accounted for 8.2 percent of smartphones sold in Russia in the first quarter, or 315,000, compared with 5.1 percent a year earlier, while Apple’s share dropped to 8.3 percent from 9 percent, according to research firm IDC.

Good vibes and enthusiasm all around it seems for Windows Phone and Lumias at the moment. The hype surrounding launch of Lumia 1020 also shows that market is taking big interest in Windows Phone and Lumias.

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