Image Credit:Engadget

We covered Windows Phone 8’s exciting new hardware and software features in our earlier article. Here we are covering Windows Phone 8’s many other  awesome features .

True live multitasking & VOIP:

With the next version of Windows Phone, background multitasking will be reality. During today’s presentation two different background tasks were demoed, VoIP and location. The VoIP integration allows users to have calls come in, via Skype/other VOIP apps , without having the app running in the foreground and have them appear the same as a standard phone call. While watching for incoming calls is nice, a more commonly used feature is location monitoring. Now apps will be able to monitor location in the background while you perform other tasks.

incoming Skype calls are treated like cellular communications, meaning that they appear as regular calls and are integrated with standard phone features — like call waiting — to maintain a seamless calling experience. The VoIP apps continue to run in the background, of course, thanks to WP8’s new multitasking capabilities, and VoIP integration will be available to all developers.

Full OTA upodate:

No need now to plug in  your phones into Zune every time an update becomes available, as Microsoft is taking a page from the Symbian books and bringing the full OTA updates. Phones will continue to get access to the latest builds for at least 18 months, following a model’s debut. What could be the most interesting aspect of the new WP8 update strategy is a system to give registered “enthusiasts” early access to bleeding-edge releases before they become widely available.

Speech Platform:

Microsoft is planning to offer a new speech platform.It enables developers to create specific commands for users’ interaction with their apps. What’s even more interesting is that these commands can all run through the main search UI from the phone. This is far better than what competitors S-voice/Siri currently offer.