Leaks have been surfacing right and left as we close in on the arrival of Windows Phone 8.1.  Although the date we will get 8.1 is not set in stone, it is said to be around early April.

Well lets get to the leaks, we have a screen shot that @AngelWZR tweeted earlier today showing


the ability to unzip files after you download them.  This is a very handy feature to have right on your device.  It will save time especially when downloading ROMs for your VBA8 app.


Leak number two, in your photos app you can set unsaved burst photos to automatically delete after a certain amount of time.  The screenshot shows the intervals of 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 14, days, and never delete.  Now when looking at the screen shot it is title “Keep unsaved burst photos for..”.  Instead of saving every picture taken in burst mode, you can have your phone automatically delete them after a certain period of time.

These two leaks came from @AngelWZR on twitter, and to check out our other Windows Phone 8.1 news click HERE.