Above image with title WP_20130224_034 has been posted by Androsym, and though it doesn’t have any Exif info, other two posted images do have Exif info. The below image has the title WP_20130224_043 and the Exif info certainly tells you that it is from Lumia 928. So, no points for guessing that both images are from same album and the camera is “Lumia 928”.



Now having a look at the crops from the images, one gets idea about how the device may actually look,


See, the placement of zirconium strip and in the top left corner probably Flash placement. It is nothing like seen on any other Lumia device yet. So, it is a new device and the camera strip and device design certainly makes it a high-end device. So, even if no Exif was available for this device it may well be new high-end Lumia 928. 


This crop is taken from the image captured above with front camera. It does confirm design of the White device seen in above pictures.

So, what do you think about quality of these images ?

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