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More evidence that Windows Mobile 10 will be the name of Windows 10 for Phone

Windows Mobile 10With leak of latest Windows 10 build, Build 9901, one interesting possibility came to light and it seems Windows Mobile will replace Windows Phone as the name of Microsoft’s new Windows 10 smartphone operating system.

Now, a LinkedIn profile throws more light on this possibility and it seems the Windows 10 smartphone SKU will be in fact called “Windows Mobile 10”. The person in question has been responsible for Windows Phone 8.1 deliverables too, as per the profile. Hence, it seems Microsoft is back to good old “Windows Mobile” branding again with Windows Mobile 10.

Anyways, here is a bit of what we have heard about some of Windows Mobile 10 features in works from our sources.



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  • ജിതേഷ്

    I believe this is a mistake by Microsoft. The old Windows Mobile was hardly known by people around the world especially the emerging smartphone markets. But Windows Phone made it very popular throughout the world. I think it would be better to hold the Windows Phone brand (Windows Phone 10) or simply Windows 10

    • its not a mistake. Windows RT and Phone is going to merge. so it makes sense. Mobile SKU is technically Windows 10, future you will be calling it windows mobile after 10, because you don’t need number launch, still be 10, just calling it mobile or just windows.

      • ജിതേഷ്

        Then why don’t they call it just Windows as Microsoft is planning uniform platform for mobile and PC from Windows 10 on wards. The new CEO is more aligned to Cloud and mobile too.

        • Ole

          Because Windows Mobile won’t have the desktop, so they need to differentiate it from the version that does have the desktop. Windows Mobile makes sense as it is Windows for mobile devices.

    • Nokia Rox

      i agree, they should keep WINDOWS PHONE……..