A Weibo user has now leaked real-life images of Lumia 830, the higher end of two mid-range device Microsoft may launch on September 4th in Berlin.

7da18b3db35754a8372fdf162a6cf7ab 08edcd90398555fb71bde6916dda33ed c235899e5c813b712013eabbf313e2df cdffdcaae72eb9bac9ca5cb90dbec690The images and the camera module shown at the back are in sync with earlier leaked render and real-life images of Lumia 830.

Some of the specs for the device like 5-inch, 720p resolution display size are more or less confirmed, but some like rear camera sensor size are bit debated. It may be  a 13 MP / 20 MP PureView camera based on the leaks.

Thanks Xio-Feng for the tip. Cheers!!