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According to a tip from one of our trusted source, Microsoft’s Lumia strategy going forward may be about “no compromises on hardware capability” of future Lumias. This may lead to future Lumia having cutting edge hardware with top-end specs. The tip mentions that there may be a Lumia 1020 replacement in works with,

Snapdragon 805 processor

2K resolution display

Next-gen Camera hardware  with 20-25 MP sensor

This high-end device may see a launch in Q2 2014. Apart from that, quad-core processors are coming to low and mid-range Lumia devices in 2014.

We have been tipped by many of our readers regarding this before, but unless you have some sort of second confirmation, it seemed too optimistic!!

Anyways, we still give this tip a Mill-O-Meter score of 60 / 100!

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