Snapchat for Windows 10 Mobile may be coming finally as one more official account has confirmed it and this time it is Microsoft Denmark account. Since this confirmation comes days after the first one was widely published it carries some weight for sure. Thanks Mehroze for the tip. Cheers!!

It also seems Rudy Hyun is not working on the official Snapchat app, as confirmed by him in later tweets.


Snapchat has so far have a hate-hate relationship with Microsoft and thus ignores Windows 10 Mobile platform and kills any Third-party Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile app that tries to fill the gap. But is this going to change and the Snpachat saga finally reaching to a logical conclusion?? If a claim from Lumia Spain official Twitter account has to be taken into account, Microsoft may have finally cajoled Snapchat enough to bring its official app to Windows 10 Mobile soon.

Rudy Huyn, the developer behind a (non-existent now) great Snapchat client 6snap (that met the same fate as other Snpachat Windows Phone apps) had hinted about working on some official app. Is it going to be the Snapchat official app??

There have been many false alarms in past and we will urge to take this with a pinch of salt unless there is some real confirmation from Microsoft / Snapchat.

Thanks to many of you who sent us tips!!