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Microsoft Unintentionally Confirms that Windows Phone 8.1 Dev Preview is coming today (April 14th)

Like if there were less clues already, An issue with Microsoft’s blogging platform finally confirms that today i.e April 14th is the day for the release of Windows Phone 8.1 Preview to the developers.


Microsoft’s Windows Blog seems to be using a strange combination of platform/template which is showing off scheduled post or the posts which are not meant to go visible yet. Although the homepage does not show the post, the associated tag page is still showing an excerpt of the post. An excerpt which reveals what we wanted to know. The post date is 14th, hence today in the post certainly refers to today 😛

Starting today, you can update your personal dev phone(s) to run Windows Phone 8.1 using the Windows Phone Preview for Developers program . Along with the tooling delivered in Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC , developers can now get everything they need to start building and testing Windows Phone apps…

The excerpt can be accessed here and the post will go live here when it reaches its scheduled point 😛

Narender Singh

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  • Andrei

    Almost a week ago i’ve talked with someone from support through live chat. He was telling me that on 14th April will be released the dev preview version and by the end of the month the “full” version will be released.

    • Full version?
      They say that Preview is the same version that reaches the manufacturers, so what is a final version? Are you talking about the Lumia Cyan update?

      • Andrei

        I wanted to say the version for everyone, not only for developers.