At the time of releasing last build (build 14328) Microsoft gave us slight idea about the Bug Bash program for Windows Insiders. Now yesterday Microsoft released Windows 10 build 14332 for PC’s and mobile devices and announced that it has now officially kicked-off Bug Bash with Windows insiders.

What is Bug Bash?

At Microsoft, Windows team dedicate certain amount of days to focus on finding new unreported issues in software, and spend more time on fixing those issues.

Blog post reads

With this new build today for PC and Mobile – we’re officially kicking off the Bug Bash with Windows Insiders we mentioned last week. Over the course of the next 4 days, we will be publishing multiple Quests inside Feedback Hub that will highlight different areas of the product each day. We will be looking for feedback on each Quest, but you can also just use the parts of Windows and our apps you are most passionate about – the key is just to work together now through Sunday to get the best bug reports possible!

Check our different types of Quests below.
• LIMITED TIME Quests – Quests marked as “LIMITED TIME” will expire within 24hrs of being published so make sure you get to these before the time runs out and they’re replaced with new Quests.
• ADVANCED Quests – Quests marked as “ADVANCED” are more technical and may require changing the system configuration on your device and require an understanding on how to revert the changes after the Quest is done. You should only perform Quests that you feel comfortable doing, if something goes wrong you’ll need to be able to troubleshoot how to get back to a good state on your PC.

To get started with bug bash Quests, after you install new latest build of Windows, you have to open Feedback hub to proceed. Visit to this link through your Feedback hub to get more info on ‘Bug Bash’.