11693958_858153577566502_8269778897081202007_nMicrosoft has re-reconfirmed that Premium Lumias running Windows 10 Mobile are coming soon. During today’s WPC 2015 event Terry Myerson, the now head of Microsoft’s devices as well has made this announcement.

We have earlier reported about Microsoft working on two flagships and we call them Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL though these two may come out finally with some other name too. We exclusively shared more info about Lumia 940 XL key specs and features later. Similarly we also shared more info about Lumia 940.

Now we have some info about when these devices can be announced. Our sources tell us to expect some announcements in the month of September-October. While September time-frame is full one month wide, we are told to expect a late September to early October time for the devices to be made known to world. But not only these two there may be more device announcements and we can expect mid-rangers too. Some new accessories meant for continuum for phones“, New Treasure Tag and some headsets may also be announced. These devices running Windows 10 Mobile will ship soon after the announcement and by end of October may be available in some markets.

Microsoft in fact is working on more than two flagships. We reported about two of such upcoming mid-rangers via our sources. Later Zauba data has revealed a 4.7-inch display device with RM-1127 code and also a qwerty mid-ranger that may be targeted to business users, as per the latest Microsoft’s announcement of a focused portfolio targeting only three focus segments.