b15ba95494eef01f74583686e3fe9925bd317d7cWell, let me start with a word of caution here, we can’t yet confirm authenticity of this tip!!

The tipster claims that a new high-end Lumia is under testing in India and that he has personally seen it in action. As per the tip,

A new high-end Lumia is under testing in India and it runs Windows Phone 10 (Not sure whether it should be called that). It looks more like the recently leaked Lumia 1030 (RM-1052) and sports a camera hump. The device has a metal body and is quite slim otherwise.

The tipster is not sure about other specifications but says the display is 5-inch and that as per the tester, device may get unveiled soon.

So, as you can see it is more of a tip without a solid evidence like screenshots or images, so take it in the way you want. But, it will be great if Microsoft really surprises us with anything like this.

Anyways, Lumia 1030 aka RM-1052 prototypes have emerged in China before and it is quite possible that one or more of them were /  are in India too.

Thanks our anonymous tipster for the tip. Cheers!!