So, here we are with some info from our sources and some tidbits about what mind-blowing news may be in store for Lumia / Surface Phone fans.  Can you imagine a Lumia flagship with an yet to be announced processor coming in 2017?? Move over Snapdragon 820, here comes Snapdragon 830!! As per a tip received from our sources, Microsoft is ready testing phone prototypes running Snapdragon 830 aimed at early 2017 and may come with Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2 that is supposed to be released in Spring 2017. While this may sound far-fetched at this moment, when not even the Snapdragon 820 running Windows 10 Mobile devices are out in market, the evidence that has been shared with us is quite interesting and you can read about it by clicking here.

While a Windows Phone flagship device running on Snapdragon 820 from HP, HP Elite X3 have been announced officially, we also reported about RM-1162, that looks like next Lumia Flagship running Snapdragon 820 and also the Alcatel Idol Pro 4. So, it is nor clear what becomes the fate of RM-1162 while the HP Elite X3 and Alcatel Idol Pro 4 may hit market once the Redstone 1 aka Anniversary update is out in July.