Lumia CyanThis is sort of anti-climax!! Microsoft India’s earlier tweet had raised hopes, when they last said that Lumia Cyan will roll-out in first two weeks of July. I don’t know what changed since then, but Microsoft India Twitter account has certainly changed tunes now. As can be seen in the above tweet, they are now providing a generic response of “Lumia Cyan being available on Lumia devices in Finland and rolling out globally during Summer.

The Lumia Cyan update has been reported rolling out to Lumia 625 devices in Thailand. Now, it seems to be a pilot roll-out like Microsoft did for Lumia 925 in Finland. French carrier SFR has also confirmed Lumia Cyan roll-out  starting July 8th for Lumia 925.

So, there is still hope left for Lumia Cyan roll-out in India and other markets around the globe during July. In the meantime, you can read the Full Changelog of Lumia Cyan and Windows Phone 8.1 on our dedicated page.