Nokia Mobile has a great, unmatched legacy when it comes to phones. It has given so many firsts in phones and smartphones even when the Nokia brand changed hands to Microsoft. But apart form the legacy of indestructible Nokia 3310 another very powerful legacy that most of the true Nokia fans adore is about Nokia N-series.

Nokia N-series brought amazingly futuristic smartphones with some very useful innovations that became base of all that we see in smartphones today. The Nokia Nseries is still fondly remembered for market-leading smartphones camera innovations and Carl Zeiss optics.

They also packed state-of-the-art video, music playback and photo viewing capabilities unavailable on competitor devices in that age. Another differentiator was the latest in terms of connectivity which Nokia smartphones would get usually before the competition.

Nokia in those days also made it a point to match the persona of its devices with equally catchy commercial. These commercials not only touched human-side of technology they also had very strong positioning message for its smartphones.

In blast from the past we bring an awesome Nokia N-series commercial that gives us an idea about how Nokia matched promotions with its innovations.

Perhaps Nokia Mobile aka HMD Global can learn a thing or two about positioning of Nokia smartphones from the Nokia of the yore. Though smartphones market today is highly saturated but a feeling of being “innovatively” different from the crowd can again set Nokia smartphones apart from the rest.

Thanks Signor for sending that in. Cheers!!