Nokia-N9All Nokia fans do remember Meego, the beautiful and promising Nokia’s homegrown OS, that was first and last seen on Nokia N9 before it was considered dead. Tech Media was Gung-Ho about Meego’s experience and it was widely seen as the proof that Nokia can do beautiful software too.

Now, if our trusted sources have to believed, it seems Meego or its successor Meltemi which was also scrapped may not be dead after all. Though they may not come back in the form already seen but metamorphose into a “Cloud-based OS solution”. Our sources tell us,

Meego / Meltemi is not dead. CTO ( The central team behind special projects like emerging devics and tech at Nokia ) kept it alive as a special project. 100+ people kept working on this cloud enabled solution built from meego scraps. This team is active since 2011 in US and Finland.

This does make sense as Nokia is planning to venture back into “consumer products and applications”. If you remember we informed about “Project Crystal“, which will relaunch Nokia into consumer hardware space. Subsequently, Nokia did confirm that they are indeed hiring for “new consumer products businesses”. We even reported Nokia’s plans of developing a “stealth product” intended to launch during holidays 2014 in the US market and this is under HERE’s Everyday Adventures vertical.

So, it is very much possible that Meego / Meltemi based Nokia cloud OS will power future Nokia products, which may include wearables too.

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