77eeb192-a295-4c2a-b8fb-6b513b7c4899The Windows Phone app, which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is MeeDJ. MEEDJ is a DJ mixing console for mobile devices where you can  enjoy mixing tracks, with a strong social attitude.

Name: MeeDJ
Developer: jotURL s.r.l.
Standard Price: $2.99
Promotion Price: $0.00
Start date: 20th November
End date: 21st November

Deal: The app offers for FREE the possibility to unlock all the extra audio formats, usually priced at $2.99. All the other extra-features are on sale at 50% price.


• Independent turntables with one-stop access to advanced audio features
• Splitting: use one of the Out-channels for the preview
• Free sound effects: Cue, Loops, Equalizer, Reverse, Flanger, Echo, Low Pass Filter, Band Pass Filter, High Pass Filter
• Scratch / Pitch
• Innovative DJ-interface, designed by a professional DJ, with a one-stop DJing experience
• Unmatched sharing and upload capabilities (mixed tracks)
• Channel splitting with preview on phone
• Tracks loading from your local Music Library and from OneDrive
• Upload of playlists and mixed tracks to Microsoft OneDrive
• Sharing of playlists and mixed tracks on Facebook and Twitter
• GoPro version: Social engagement level through in-App social insights (global visits, likes, reshares, favourites, retweets), for each of your shared playlists and mixes
• Amazing Skins… and more coming for free!
• Fully integrated within the Windows Phone 8.1 user interface
• Takes advantage of Windows Phone 8.1 key features

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