Lumia 930 India We last reported about Lumia 930‘s launch status for India, when we exclusively talked about a new Lumia lineup reveal on cards. So, while everyone thought that Lumia 930 for India has been shelved (because the product page disappeared), our sources said it may not be the case.

Later, we tried to dig for info and came to understand that at one point of time, Nokia India has dropped the plans to launch Lumia 930 in India, but there are still faint chances of change in status quo with the launch of Lumia 730 and Lumia 830.

Now, good news is that the product page of Lumia 930 is back on Nokia India website with “Available soon” tag and you can sign up to be notified. We are again trying to reach to Nokia India and will share the official response with you, if any.

Lumia 930 link

Thanks Amit for the tip. Cheers!!