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#Lumia925 finally on pre-order at Flipkart In India. Priced cool Rs 33999. Delivery 4th week of August

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Lumia 925 has now gone on pre-order in India. Major retailer Flipkart like all times is the first one to place it on pre-order. It is priced 33999 INR (560 USD) which is really less than what we expected but in line with Nokia’s pricing of Lumia 925 in China, where it went for a price equal to Lumia 920’s current price. Expected delivery is mentioned as 4th week of August, hence expect official Nokia shop and retail stores to get the stock sooner than 4th week of August.

Flipkart link

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    What this has to do with Microsoft or Windows?

  • sri_tech

    You people don’t get it. Leave it.
    Expect the 925 to hit 25K in 4 months after its a disaster.

    • Kamal Mishra

      Hmm. Perhaps you need to study the market dynamics more… Even most successful device will go through a price reduction from 33000 to 25000 in 4 months, if not officially then at various retailers. A disaster should make it sell at 20000 or less.

      Anyways, with Lumia 1020 and Phablets on horizon, 25000 in 4 months will be very decent drop :).

  • sri_tech

    Its stupid pricing by Nokia. I thought they learned something with 620/520/720.
    But they are pricing 925 very high at launch just like 920 and 820.

    Why would anyone buy this over 920 which now costs Rs 28K.—White/pid-2990421.aspx
    This has worse specs than 920 like half the storage and no wireless charging.

    • Kamal Mishra

      Would Nokia care about some random retailer pricing? Officially Lumia 920 is still priced around 33000. Also, Lumia 925 is much better designed, more premium with aluminium body, lighter, thinner and with better camera. I know, you will know these things too. Point is for many even thickness and material used is as important as any other specs. Like everywhere it will get its buyers. And 33999 is not high, considering older Lumia 920 is going for same price.

      • sri_tech

        If you think any one is buying at official store then I can’t help you. FYI, the price at official store is Rs 32.6K.

        You said things like better design and slightly better camera. You are forgetting that it has the same processor, same RAM, same battery and coming an year later.

        Its not entirely Aluminium. Just the edges has aluminium. Everything else is polycarbonate.

        Also, the storage is very important. How can you ignore 32 GB on 920 vs 16 GB on 925 especially when there is no micro SD slot for expansion.

        Also, you can get 920 and 820 from direct mobile stores for very less compared to online. For example you can buy 820 for Rs 18K from Nokia priority itself but the least price online is Rs 19K.

        You are forgetting the competition entirely. Nexus 4 is priced at Rs 26K. It has got great specs and became popular because of low launch price. Its not subsidized by Google in India. Its LG phone in India.

        I am fan of Nokia/WP but I believe I am right in this case. They got the pricing wrong at launch with 920/820 and they did not sell well. Thats why Lumia 820 price reduced by 10K in official Nokia stores just after 6 months.

        On the other hand Lumia 520/620/720 got the launch prices right. Their price is reduced only Rs 1-2K because they became popular.
        Funny thing is you can get 820 for almost same price as 720. That means you did somethign wrong with 820 pricing initially.

        This is happenned to Samsung also. They priced Galaxy core, galaxy mega 5.8 and 6.3, galaxy fame very high at launch. Now after just 1 they had to reduce the price by 2-3K even if the Galaxy brand is more popular and android got tons of apps and games.

        Anyway you will get to know all this after 3-4 months.

        • Kamal Mishra

          And Nexus 4 is the biggest hit device ever? I don’t think so, even after so low pricing it hasn’t made any significant dent to even androids forget about windows phone. Anyways, Nokia’s strategy seems very clear and justified. They are pricing low-end devices like Lumia 520 as low as $99 because selling 5-6 lumia 520 for one Lumia 920 or Lumia 925 puts devices and Lumia experience in more hands. At high-end they already priced Lumia 920 low in many markets and suffered. At high end many take low price as cheaper material, cheaper quality….and when Nokia makes the best phone why should they price it dirt cheap. That hardly makes sense.

          Also, if one doesn’t want to buy Lumia 925 Nokia isn’t taking Lumia 920 away. It is rather advantage Nokia that they have many device at many price points…