2014-10-01-0474During the Microsoft event yesterday, we got some time to spend with both Lumia 730 and Lumia 830. For now focus is on Lumia 730 and we will talk about our first impressions of the device, which we don’t have yet for review (The team didn’t have many seeding units).

Since we have Lumia 830 review unit with us (Thanks to Nokia India and my persuasion skills), we will bring the extensive coverage of Lumia 830 ( NPU style) to you.

Lumia 730 Preview:

Looks solid, light, beautiful and slim. A well-rounded package!! It fits very-well in hand and offers great grip. The display is gorgeous, colors pop out and it is very bright with excellent viewing angles. You would like to check the display in the hands-on video below.

During our hands-on we found it incredibly smooth, Nokia Camera is faster in launching than ever. The rear-camera is same unit as on Lumia 720 with F/1.9 aperture, but with new imaging algorithms offers better capture quality. We have shared some stills and video samples in our earlier article. Video capture looks impressive too.

The selfie camera is surprisingly good for a FFC. Captures very good stills even in tricky indoors. It is very wide-angled and can fit lots of faces in Selfies. Check the hands-on video below. It will also redefine the video calling quality. Check video sample in our previous article. It is really a big USP of Lumia 730 / Lumia 735.

I am pleasantly surprised with how Lumia 730 feels in hand and how good the display and selfie camera is. Performance wise that Snapdragon 400 processor keeps things snappy. This is our preview of the device and as always, we will review it when we get the review unit.

Check the below video for our hands-on impressions with Lumia 730,