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We reported days back that Lumia 521 can be bought from Amazon for $129 once again. And it has yet again claimed the top spot in best seller No-contract phone list on Amazon. very impressive indeed as it indicates Lumia 521 uptake in good volume.

Untitled Not only Lumia 521, but even Lumia 928 has been doing well at Amazon in contract phone category. Currently ranked no. 5 in overall “Best sellers in phone category“, it is Verizon’s 4th best seller as well.Untitled1

Beginning of good times, as we have seen even Lumia 1020 getting some love from AT&T customers and Lumia 925 has also been released on T-Mobile.

Really feels good to see many Lumia options for buyers in US ans also the fact that supply of Lumia 521 has seen improvements.

No-contract   Contract

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