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Thanks Nokian1 for sending this in!

The now very famous Zauba site records reveal MRP for Lumia 1520 and it is pretty expensive at INR 56539 (909 USD). Well, this may still end up as indicative pricing and Nokia may launch the device close to what some retail sources are expecting. Even in China, Lumia 1520 has seen a launch price less than Lumia 1020’s launch price (4999 Yuan vs 5999 Yuan).

But, to be honest that indicated MRP really raises some concern, as Lumia 1020’s indicated pricing is 51600 INR in Zauba records and it had been launched at a price of 49999 INR, finally. So, will Nokia end up really overpricing Lumia 1520 or is it just part of that “start with a high price and follow-up with discounts” strategy which Samsung has also adopted in India.

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