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PhoneArena has made a detailed comparison review between the imaging Flagship Lumia 1020 and the flagship phablet Lumia 1520. The comparison has been neatly done and covers all aspects of performance, display, design, music / video output and of course camera. While Lumia 1520 certainly has some advantages in terms of display quality and videos look awesome on that 6-inch display, performance wise Lumia 1020 is no slouch and one can hardly feel the difference between the two devices running on different dual-core and quad-core processors. Credit goes to Windows Phone and its capability of running smoothly on even last-gen hardware.

When it comes to camera, it certainly gets interesting and Lumia 1020 has advantage with more details and brighter low-light images. But, Lumia 1520 compares very well even with its 20 MP sensor and captures impressively sharp and detailed images.

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Source: PhoneArena