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It seems not only Lumia 1520, but even Lumia 1020, 920 and 925 have their price revised due to holiday discounts and can be had for $99, $0.49 and $49 with 2-year contracts on AT&T. And before anyone raises doubt about “poor sales being the reason”, even iPhone 5S is being sold for discounted price of $99.


Seems, AT&T has decided to go into “Black Friday” deal mode already. Yesterday Lumia 2520 was announced for a price of $399 which is $100 less than what it was supposed to be priced. And now, Lumia 1520 gets an online discount of $100 making its pre-order price at just $99 with 2-year contract, which is really awesome. You can rush and place your pre-order by following the link below.

This price reduction is for 2-year contracts and at AT&T only, as at MS store price remain unchanged.

Pre-order link

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