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areamobile from Germany has tried to find the answer to the question of whether mighty Lumia 1020 can replace compact cameras and SLRs. For this they have done a very detailed comparison of Lumia 1020 against compact #Canon PowerShot G12 and SLR #Nikon D90.

As per the comparison sets and conclusion drawn by the reviewer, Lumia 1020 really compares well even to SLR Nikon D90 in capturing details and sharpness under good lightning conditions and outdoes the compact camera in amount of details and sharpness in most of the conditions.


In low-light, Lumia 1020 simply beats compact Canon PowerShot G12 in capturing light and rendering details. SLR obviously is the best with its much larger and advanced optics.


Noise reduction wise again Lumia 1020 prevails over compact camera and compares well to SLR Nikon D90.


There are some concerns over color saturation boost in Lumia 1020 images, but again that boils down to personal choice and many will like lively colors captured by Lumia 1020. Again contrast wise it performs really better than the compact and is as good as SLR.


So, it really seems that Lumia 1020 can outdo most of the compacts and perform equally well as mid-range SLRs like Nikon D90 in capturing details and sharpness under good lighting conditions. With the portability factor going in its favor, it can really challenge the SLRs as enthusiast’s dedicated camera. Though, we are again saying this, Nokia would be really wise to provide saturation control in images with “Normal / Vivid” settings, what we always had on previous camera flagships like N8 and 808 PureView.

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