Update: It seems to be fan-made page screenshot after-all. Anyways just remember the Webcast link, so that you can catch the live streaming on 5th of September.

Webcast page for 5th September event

WPDang.com has somehow managed to leak above screenshot from the Webcast page for 5th September event. Currently the video shows “Webcast will start on 5th September 5 2012”. But, the above screenshot clearly shows that Lumia PureView is up for the presentation during the event. So is it full-blown 41 MP or 20-21 MP PureView, which is coming to Lumias. Also, next question is whether it is Nokia Phi or some other device which will carry “PureView” with itself :). But whatever it is, it is truly hyper-exciting stuff.

Wow!! What news. Nokia has managed to bring PureView in time to Lumia. Yes, when it really matters the most 🙂

Bring it on, Nokia !!