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Good quality Lumia 940 XL (RM-1116) hands-on image leak in China now

Lumia 940 XLUpdate:

A new and the first hands-on image of Lumia 940 XL has been sent to us by Nokibar that show the device in its full glory. This is perhaps the best image of Lumia 940 XL yet and you can notice the design, side buttons and on-screen touch buttons. It resembles quite a lot to Lumia 640 XL though has thinner bezels on all the sides and may be more squarish on corners.

Time to have a look at some leaked images and screenshots of what looks like a upcoming Lumia Flagship prototype. The variant in question is RM-1116 and we can now confirm that it is the Lumia 940 XL. The leak confirms most of the stuff that we told you exclusively about upcoming flagships Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL, like Dual-Sim variants and all other key specifications. The on-screen touch buttons are there too. Snapdragon 810 and 2K resolution display is confirmed yet again. 3 GB RAM is also clear from the screenshots.

The prototype runs Windows 10 Mobile Build 10240 that is supposed to be the next preview build.RM-1116

214032f71reh1250125tsz Continuum support is shown in screenshots.

205652ui97d772llguungq.jpg.thumbTriple LED flash with different tones (Yellow, White etc).205656yec99n9ctecckpqs.jpg.thumbCamera will be capable of capturing 1080p video at 90 fps, but wait we think 4K capture should be there too.

204457w665lws8lqqs66ru.png.thumb.jpg  USB type-C support is also shown in images. 211025wdzgl3vpluatgega.jpg.thumb 211029cwboborx66c4yetn.jpg.thumbAlso note the prototype is mentioned as “” which shows that this is a newer device prototype unlike some leaks bearing

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  • Emre Aktaş



    [email protected] – GOD BLESS YOU MICROSOFT

  • Fausto

    No hardware buttons, ugh!

  • Jay Teare

    not convinced this is a 1520 replacement… More a step up from the 900 series. Come on Microsoft, push the boat out and rock up something better. 1550 with above spec but 4gb ram and a stylus plus a little surface style keyboard.

    • Iain Simpson

      the one shown would be the step up for a 930 user or similar, this is not the xl which would be the 1520 replacement.

      • Jay Teare

        Screen and design look of a lesser design standard than the 1520 and if it’s a true replacement and is designed to be better… Where is the stylus?

    • Kamal

      The specs certainly make it a step up from Lumia 1520, though design wise it doesn’t match to Lumia 1520, that remains my most favorite Lumia Flagship design ever. With slimmer profile, smaller Bezels & Lumia 1520esque, design it could have been awesome (just my 2 cents).

      • Jay Teare

        Yep… It’s the screen and feel of this baby that just doesn’t look like being replaced with the XL version. Wonder if that surface phone will show up?

  • Gerrard Jr

    on screen…huh! I like dual sim variant though

  • javid

    looking good; im guessing the XL will be pretty much the same from the front? and perhaps a little different from the back but not requiring any holes for a clip on back cover for Qi? or how will they handle the add on for Qi?

  • shady

    beautiful *cries

  • Hopefully, this phone will have bands 2 and 12 LTE.

    • Kamal

      It will have Pentaband LTE support, so yes.