Lumia Cinemagraph BetaLumia Beta apps team has now released Lumia Cinemagraph Beta with “normal sharing” steps to Windows Phone store. Now, you can simply share your created Cinemagraphs on social networks as repeating videos. The Beta app supports all the normal sharing destinations supported by Windows Phone.

Lumia Cinemagraph Beta introduces a simplified way of social media sharing. Now cinemagraphs are shared directly as repeating video clips through the normal sharing steps. As a result, there’s no longer need for a separate upload step or user account and all the normal sharing destinations supported by Windows Phone are available.

The newly shared cinemagraphs will be available in the Shared Cinemagraphs folder on your device. Note that there’s no longer a Shared view for online cinemagraphs in the application. If you need to access your previously shared cinemgraphs on our server, please use the Lumia Cinemagraph (non-beta) application still available in the Store for that.

Please note that Lumia Cinemagraph Beta is only available in English.

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