lumia camera

After updating OneNote and OneDrive for Windows Phone, Microsoft have also updated its Lumia Camera app for Windows Phone, however the latest update doesn’t contain any changes, assuming bug  fixes and performance improvements.

Lumia Camera app offers some great features over default camera app on Windows Phone, check below:

 Faster startup, mode switching and shot-to-shot
– Moment Capture
– Rich Capture
– The latest imaging algorithms for better image quality
– Higher video resolutions (4K, 1440p) on Lumia 930, 1520 and Icon
– Improved design with faster access to the front facing camera, Lumia Selfie, Lumia Refocus and third party lenses
– More manual controls for video capture. Settings like exposure and manual focus can now also be used during video capture

Do our readers noticed any changes in this latest update ? Let us know in comments below: