MSFT-hero-with-1520-jpgMicrosoft Mobile will soon be launching Lumia buyback offers in India with an aim to encourage Lumia users to upgrade to higher-end models and to increase Lumia device sales. The device value that will be offered  on buybacks will obviously depend upon when the device was purchased. You can get up to 65% of the existing device values, if you upgrade in three months from the last purchase.

The buy-back assurance scheme will enable Lumia buyers to avail of a peak discount, equivalent to 65% of their existing device value, if they upgrade in three months from the last purchase. Discounts will range from 10% to 50% if such exchanges happen in six months and will also hinge on the condition of the older Lumia phone being swapped.

The buyback will not be offered on devices with purchase date beyond 6 months. But, if your device falls within 6 months range and even if it isn’t in working condition you will get minimum 10% discount.

The buy-back offer will cover all Lumia smartphones purchased at company branded retail outlets, even if the older devices are scratched or have broken screens. For instance, a buyer will get a 10% discount on his next Lumia purchase even if his existing phone isn’t in working condition.

The buy-back offer, however, won’t be available if exchanges happen more than six months after the last Lumia purchase.

Via: ET